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    Introduction to the performance of stainless steel pressure tank

        For other information about stainless steel surge tanks, please visit http://www.thienlong5x.com/ for details.

        It is a water supply regulator designed for construction, building, and non-negative pressure water supply. The diameter is 600mm-800mm. The material is made of sus304 food grade stainless steel. The exterior is polished and the design pressure is 10 kg.
    1. Model: TVA8-TVA100, NZG400-2000, stainless steel expansion tank pressure: grades can be selected from 5 kg to 16 kg.
    3. Material of stainless steel expansion tank: tank 304. Bracket 302
    4. Working temperature: -10-110 degrees,
    5. Structure: The inner capsule (EPDM) has passed the national sanitary use license, and is widely used in medical, food, RO purified water and other engineering projects, with stable quality, long service life, favorable prices, and trustworthy!
    6. Introduction: Stainless steel expansion tank is a kind of expansion tank, which is made of 304 stainless steel. Mainly used in occasions with high sanitary requirements. The expansion tank interface and tank body are made of 304 stainless steel, which has high rust resistance and high corrosion resistance.
    7. The function of stainless steel surge tank: Utilizing the extremely low compressibility of water, external force is used to store water in the tank. The gas is compressed and the pressure increases. When the external force disappears, the compressed gas expands to remove the water. When it is connected to the water system, it mainly acts as an accumulator.