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    Analysis on the development trend of energy-saving technology of water pump motor in stainless steel pressure tank

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        The stainless steel surge tank understands that as carbon emissions in the past ten years have reached a historical peak, the impact of global climate change has also caused more and more worries. Human health, housing, food and safety are all faced with threats from rising temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to mitigate and cope with the possible impact of future climate change from the perspective of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adding adaptability.

    The development trend of energy saving skills of water pump motors
    The pump valve profession is closely related to everyone's life and is used in all walks of life. Reducing the power consumption of pumps and fans has a great effect on energy saving and emission reduction. The stainless steel stabilizer tank learned that in thermal power plants, auxiliary electricity accounts for about 8% to 10% of the total power generation, and the power consumption of pumps and fans accounts for about 70% to 80% of the factory electricity. The power consumption of the fan has a great effect on the economic benefits of Qianjin Power Plant. The power consumption of the circulating water pump is related to the season and the load. The frequency conversion transformation of the circulating water pump can not only ensure its effective operation, but also ensure its lowest power consumption at low loads and different seasons. The application is sensitive and energy-saving. With. At that time, vector-controlled frequency converters have been widely used in many electric drive applications at home and abroad in general machinery, textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, steel rolling, chemical industries and other occupations to communicate the stepless speed regulation of motors. It has achieved significant energy-saving effects and satisfaction Skills and active speed control requirements. The stainless steel regulator tank was found to have not been fully used in the use of fans and pumps. The main reason is the lack of understanding of the large amount of energy saving for fans and pumps. The electricity consumption of fans and water pumps in the country accounts for more than 60% of industrial electricity consumption. If frequency converters can be used in this field for variable frequency and stepless speed regulation, it is a policy to rejuvenate the country in countries where we develop processing and manufacturing industries with severe power shortages. Fans are equipment for conveying gas. A water pump is a device that conveys water or other liquids. In terms of its structure and operating principle, the two are basically the same.